Am I Really Doing This?

Why must you make yourself even MORE busy?


So I’ve decided to start a blog. Why? Well, partly to motivate myself to stay up to date on current research in my corner of the theory world and partly because I might have something to say? Jury is still out on this last part.

Science is important to me and sometimes being a researcher REALLY takes the pizzaz out of the field. Once you get down and dirty in the nitty gritty you really tend to lose the ~WOW~ factor that made you fall in love with the field in the first place. So here I am–eating a taco salad from the HUB salad bar and setting up a blog so that I can again find my love for the beautiful field of theoretical physics.

Also–I like writing! Thats a part of it too. And maybe this thing won’t be all physics all the time. Maybe I’ll throw some of my other passions into the mix (I hope you like grindcore and black metal!!!). But at the heart of this blog will always be what means the most to me–uncovering the fascinating connections between the mathematical and physical world and elucidating the nature of our universe.

I can’t always promise the grammar will be correct. But I can promise that the physics will.

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